Unleashing the Power of Networks and Experiences to Create Unexpected Opportunities

Jun 27, 2024
5:15 PM - 6:15 PM ET
Cherry Blossom Ballroom

Nisha Mehta, MD

Radiologist, Founder, Physician Side Gigs and Physician Community

Session Number: 2023

Use your story to inspire change.

We all know that our experiences shape who we are, but we may not realize the critical role they can play in offering opportunities and motivating us to think beyond the norm. One of the missions of SIIM is to inspire innovation, and networking and out-of-the-box opportunities, as well as adversity, do just that. It’s important to reflect on the 30,000-foot view of what your long term personal and professional goals are, and then use those intentionally to shape not just your path, but the path for those that follow you. Through strong mentorship, networking, and honest discussions about challenges, women in fields traditionally dominated by men can offer a fresh perspective that contributes to innovation.

After her luminary talk attendees will engage in group activities and conversations.


  • Discuss how your most powerful tool is your network, and how to leverage it.
  • Discuss how everyone’s unique story allows an opportunity for innovation and change.
  • Describe how the role of physician has expanded beyond clinical medicine, and physicians are enjoying finding ways to contribute to medicine from different angles and explore different interests.

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Abiola Femi-Abodunde

UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas

Mana Moassefi, MD

Postdoc Research Fellow
Mayo Clinic, Rochester

Mindy Yang, MD

Breast Radiologist
SimonMed Imaging

Nisha Mehta, MD

Radiologist, Founder, Physician Side Gigs and Physician Community