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The shift to Public/Private Cloud utilization continues to grow, but how do you evaluate which applications are best suited for the transition to the Cloud and which Cloud deployment strategy is most appropriate? This panel discussion will provide insights into what has worked for healthcare institutions transitioning to Cloud utilization. We will highlight roadblocks, address concerns experienced, and identify key factors in developing a Cloud strategy and establishing realistic expected outcomes.

“Moving to the Cloud” may be the most nuanced phrase in medical imaging and our panel’s intention is to share what that statement means within their organizations.

This Industry Connect Session is presented by Mach7 Technologies


  • Evaluate which existing Applications could be moved to the Cloud and determine if a “lift-and-shift” or redesign is more appropriate
  • Establish strategies for effective utilization of the Cloud as a research repository and maximize the utility of imaging data leveraging cloud tools
  • Develop criteria for which Cloud providers are best suited for your individual requirements and evaluate the native capabilities of available public/private cloud providers

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Sponsored by Mach7 Technologies
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In-Person, Virtual Live Stream

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Enterprise Imaging
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Erik Anderson

Regional Team Lead Clinical Application
University of Michigan Health West & Sparrow Health System

Jeff Hastings

Technical Sales Manager
Mach7 Technologies

Matt Long

Chief Executive Officer
Unified Health

Donovan Reid

Associate Director of Clinical Imaging Group
Penn Medicine, University of Penn Health System

Andrew Volkening

Vice President of Product
Mach7 Technologies