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Generative AI is not just an emerging trend—it’s a transformative force reshaping the landscape of radiology. As this innovative branch of artificial intelligence gains momentum, industry leaders must stay ahead of the curve. In this session, we will discuss how companies are incorporating Generative AI and foundation models into their radiological applications, pushing the boundaries of medical imaging.

Join us for a dynamic discussion where key industry players will share their insights on adopting Generative AI. They will provide valuable observations, lessons learned, and practical strategies from their journey of integrating this technology into their products. Discover how these pioneers are overcoming the challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities presented by Generative AI and what it means for the future of radiology.

We will also examine the potential future trends of Generative AI in radiology. Engage with experts to understand how the next wave of AI innovation could revolutionize diagnostic accuracy, radiologist efficiency, and patient outcomes.

This session is a must-attend for those who want to understand the profound implications of Generative AI and chart a course for success in the ever-evolving world of radiology.

This #AskIndustry Panel Discussion is presented by Amazon Web Services, DeepHealth, Microsoft + Nuance, and Sirona Medical.


  • Explore and understand the integration of Generative AI in radiology.
  • Communicate firsthand experiences with the adoption of Generative AI, offering lessons learned and strategies for successful integration.
  • Assess the potential of Generative AI to improve diagnostic accuracy, radiologist efficiency, and patient outcomes.

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In-Person, Virtual Live Stream

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)Machine Learning (ML)
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Cameron Andrews

Founder & CEO, Sirona Medical

John Barto

Chief Digital Transformation Officer
Health & Life Sciences Microsoft + Nuance

Razvan Ionasec, PhD, MBA

Chief Technology Officer Healthcare EMEA, Amazon Web Services

Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD, FSIIM

Editor in Chief, JIIM; Vice Chair of Research, Emory University

Sham Sokka, PhD

Chief Operating and Technology Officer of Digital Health