Visit the AI Playground

Visit the AI Playground and participate in one or more activities planned for the 3 days of the meeting. We have made it more mobile friendly, so you can use one of our workstations or play on your mobile device!

Don’t know where to start? Ask one of our Docents who will be available to assist during the focused Expo Hall time!

ChatGPT versus YOU!

You may have heard of GPT-4v, and you may be wondering about its role for medical imaging. Interested in evaluating GPT-4v's performance for medical imaging analysis? Come by the AI Playground and find out how GPT-4v performs on medical images, including radiology use cases. Interact with our available prompts to assess GPT-4v's ability to analyze images and provide further value-add beyond reporting findings.

Build Your Own Model

Participate in a virtual competition in which you will train an AI model capable of predicting brain hemorrhages. Guided by an LLM-based chatbot, you'll learn the necessary steps to create a machine-learning model. Once your model is trained, you can compare your algorithm's performance with other participants on the SIIM leaderboard.

Deep Learning Game-based Education for Medicine

DL-GEM will be a fully gamified, immersive, story-based, and hands-on learning experience that we will implement in a computer-based learning environment. Our story begins in 2020, where SIIM tasks multiple teams of data scientists to develop ML tools for automated diagnosis of cases affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The team that comes up with the best solution is going to be funded by SIIM to expand their solution and implement it in different countries. As the pandemic has just begun, high-quality data is scarce, and standard data handling is more crucial than ever. Our attendees will play the role of these data scientists and compete against each other to train the best models based on the data they collect and curate.