Justification Letter

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your expertise and advocate for your attendance with our Justification Letter. Join us at SIIM24 for an experience that will redefine your profession. 

Tips for a Winning Proposal

Why Attend


As an imaging informatics professional, you know you can find the newest trends, innovations, and technologies when you attend the SIIM24 Annual Meeting. You also know that to be competitive, you must constantly fine-tune your skills, find new ways to cut costs, streamline processes, and drive innovation. You must know how to be effective and incorporate these processes into your daily operations.  

 Be a force for change in your organization by bringing the knowledge home. Everyone in your organization can benefit from your attendance. Learn successful methods and best practices from leaders in the imaging informatics field, and how to apply these methods in multiple situations.

Communication is Vital


Professionals who are better prepared than their competition have the advantage - as do their organizations. Whether you belong to a large or small organization, investments in continuing your imaging informatics education will be repaid many times over. Plan to attend. It will be your chance to bring the benefits of knowledge home to your organization!  

  • Discover solutions to complex enterprise imaging challenges
  • Analyze best practices and industry trends 
  • Meet with vendors to learn about new up-and-coming technologies
  • Learn from your colleagues on how they tackled similar challenges at their institutions
  • Network with other imaging informatics professionals 
  • Learn from powerful general session speakers & industry thought leaders

During the SIIM24 Annual Meeting, you will network with the best and brightest in the imaging informatics industry and you will see what SIIM has to offer. By participating in the education and scientific program, you and your organization will reap the benefits of best management practices, success stories, tools, and practical solutions. You will also have the opportunity to turn your biggest challenges into your greatest accomplishments when you learn from the experts, leaders in the field, and fellow practitioners.  

Show the Value and Gain Buy-In


Review the daily schedule on the website to identify educational sessions, continuing education opportunities, vendors, and networking events that address specific needs within your organization. Identify your current initiatives such as cutting costs, streamlining processes, building relationships, or overcoming specific challenges, and then find corresponding sessions. Identify current vendors with whom you need to discuss future needs or services and find new vendors whom you are considering adding to your list of suppliers. Prepare a list of the benefits that can be realized by your attendance. Then, explain the relationship between these Annual Meeting activities and your organizational goals. It's important to be able to logically describe the benefits to your organization and how you can make an impact.  


Create a Winning Proposal


Prepare a plan of action for how your work will be covered while you are out of town – think this through and make it part of your winning proposal. Be sure to include your intended schedule of educational and scientific sessions and why the knowledge gained will be valuable to your operation. List all areas where your department faces challenges and the sessions you want to attend or who you plan to visit with that will help you overcome these challenges. 


Share Your Knowledge and Give Feedback 


Commit to a post-meeting presentation for your supervisor/department head and team upon your return. Plan to highlight what you’ve learned and tie your education to your organization’s strategic plans, goals, and challenges. They will want to know firsthand your impression of the meeting, whether you gained something from it, and how you will be able to apply lessons learned.  

This is where you will refer to your original proposal and goals to achieve while at the SIIM 2024 Annual Meeting. Let your supervisor/department head know what you have learned and how you will implement this knowledge. Most importantly, let your organization know that your participation in the SIIM Annual Meeting was a worthwhile investment.  

So, plan your strategy, prepare your proposal, and secure your approval to go. Good luck and hope you will join us at SIIM24!