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Join the Buzz at
SIIM24's Expo Hall

3 Days of Learning, Innovating & Networking

What does your organization need to grow, thrive, and succeed? You’re sure to find the solutions to your top challenges in the SIIM24 InformaticsTECH Expo Hall, open for all three days of the conference. This is where you’ll find disruptive new technology, be the first to know what’s on the horizon, and form key partnerships with bold, bright, and eager industry specialists dedicated to shaping the future of medical imaging informatics.


Energize your vendor experience with face-to-face conversations, exciting product demonstrations, and earnest feedback. SIIM24 vendors seek not only your business, but your honest evaluations and input for developing the next industry game-changer.


Tune into education sessions—as well as traditional education sessions—carefully designed to exemplify thought leadership, through SIIM’s cutting-edge wireless headphones. Not only do the headphones eliminate the buzzy noise around you, but it also means you’re not tied to a chair—keep learning while roaming the hall, eating lunch, or resting and recharging.


Meet the abstract authors showcasing research posters and demonstrations on-site and enjoy a discourse that will teach, engage, and excite you. Join a roving tour of the Expo Hall (check the agenda for times!) so you can get the lay of the land, learn more, and plan your strategy to make the most of your time.

Fri - Jun 28, 2024

InformaticsTECH Day

One day, one place, all things SIIM24

On this one day, everything will happen exclusively in the Expo Hall. All attendees and vendors will gather there for all education sessions, networking opportunities, and innovative product demonstrations. But don’t worry if you can’t make it that day – you'll have the same opportunities Thursday and Saturday across the Expo Hall and session rooms!

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What's in the expo hall?


AI Playground

Explore artificial intelligence in action at the AI playground, using your laptop or one of SIIM’s, to try out the astounding things that AI is now capable of doing.


Ask the Imaging Informaticist

Ask the Imaging Informaticist is where world-class expertise meets casual conversations. Pull up a chair, ask your burning questions and gain insights that can shape your career. So, Bring Your Questions!

Attendees at hackathon


Join in to experience first-hand how informaticists and developers team up on projects, build and test new applications, and drive the future imaging informatics. No computer programming experience necessary!

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Startup Street

Young but mighty, these groundbreaking companies are dedicated to transforming medical imaging informatics through revolutionary products and solutions—and they want to tell you all about it. Take a stroll, demo cutting-edge technologies, and learn how what they have to offer will improve patient care.

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Vendors List

Start developing your Expo Hall strategy by reviewing this year’s extensive roster of vendors excited to connect and collaborate.

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Product Category List

Searching for a specific solution? Browse the product category list to find options for your organization's most pressing needs.

InformaticsTECH Expo

Explore, discover, and interact in the InformaticsTECH Expo Hall, a bustling 3-day venue where innovation meets enterprise imaging informatics.