Press Registration

Credentialed press is eligible to receive complimentary press registration (press pass) which allows access to all educational and scientific sessions at the SIIM24 Annual Meeting.

Members of the press may request press passes for editorial purposes only. Press must include verification that they are a working member of the news media along with their request. Acceptable verification may include, a business card with your name and title from an established publication/media outlet, or a letter stating that you are on assignment at the SIIM Annual Meeting printed on official news organization letterhead.

Freelance writers may request press credentials if they are on assignment for a specific publication, and if accompanied by a letter of assignment from the publication.

Please email Priyanka Harilal to request a press pass.  The deadline for requesting a press pass is June 15, 2024.

Sales, Marketing, and Advertising Personnel Registration Policy

SIIM Annual Meeting press credentials are available to full-time editorial personnel only, including staff writers for trade publications, mainstream media outlets, or online publications. This does not include sales reps, production, or marketing personnel.

Any sales, marketing, and/or advertising personnel from trade publications must register as regular meeting attendees to gain access to the educational sessions.

Individuals who do not qualify for complimentary media registration include but are not limited to the following:

  • Book authors
  • Freelance writers not on assignment or employed by non-news organizations
  • Non-editorial employees of news organizations (including CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, publishers, associate/assistant publishers, advertising, marketing, public relations, sales staff, or project managers)
  • Companies/organizations producing publications, videos, and/or other items for the purpose of marketing, advertising, financial analysis, or public relations
  • Consultants who develop, write, or edit a corporate newsletter or similar publication for their own firm or another firm
  • Financial analysts and consultants
  • Sponsors

Video/Photo Regulations

  • Special audio/video requests for advertising purposes, including requests for taped interviews, must be arranged with SIIM before the annual meeting.
  • No video recording is permitted in SIIM educational sessions.


  • Interview opportunities with SIIM Board Members and other Society thought leaders are limited and must be arranged through SIIM before the annual meeting.
  • Please email Priyanka Harilal to request interviews.

Press Media Policy

SIIM reserves the right to control the intellectual content of the annual meeting including, but not limited to, session PowerPoint slides, videos, audio recordings, and virtual capture. Press will not have access to PowerPoint slides that speakers use to present within educational sessions. SIIM's exclusive media capture vendor is Multiview, therefore no other company may videotape any educational session, demonstration, roundtable, or any aspect of the SIIM Annual Meeting educational program.

Sponsor Media Policy

Sponsor Press Releases

Corporate press releases will be posted in the media center providing viewers the latest information about your company's products and services. Sponsoring companies may submit press releases to Priyanka Harilal via email no later than Monday, May 29 for your press release to be included in the June 7 issue of the SIIM Imaging Informatics Newsbrief.

Video/Photo Regulations

Special audio/video requests for promotional purposes, including arrangements for taped interviews, must be submitted in writing to SIIM prior to the annual meeting. Companies may not use video footage of SIIM faculty or other corporate representatives. No video recording is permitted in SIIM educational sessions.


Interview opportunities with SIIM Board Members and other Society thought leaders are limited and must be arranged through SIIM prior to the annual meeting.

Please email Priyanka Harilal to request interviews.

Social Media Guidelines

X (Twitter) Official hashtag - #SIIM24

SIIM permits and encourages the use of social media, such as Facebook, X(Twitter), LinkedIn, and blogging at the conference as a way to summarize, highlight, excerpt, review, critique, or promote the presented materials, syllabus materials, or the conference in general, provided that:

  • The material is not shared in full
  • The author or speaker is referenced and cited appropriately in each case.

Please keep in mind that our presenters have invested many hours in the development of this material and copyright laws apply.

Out of respect for the other participants, we ask that noise-making electronic devices be silenced, though they need not be turned off, so that they may be used to follow along in the syllabus, tweet, or take notes by the above-stated social media policy.

Following an X(Twitter) account or including an account in a X(Twitter) list does not constitute a SIIM endorsement; the same applies to re-tweeting messages or marking them as "favorites."

We encourage participants to follow us on:

Tweet to SIIM @SIIM_Tweets for general information or use the hashtag #SIIM24 for annual meeting-related tweets

  • Blog, post, and tweet about what you are hearing and seeing at the meeting (highlighting or commenting on, but not sharing in detail, any of the material presented)
  • Provide feedback to the SIIM Board of Directors, the Annual Meeting Program Committee, and/or SIIM staff. (For example, discuss topics of interest and/or speakers for next year's conference, make suggestions for sessions, or comment on the conference format)
  • Keep criticism constructive and respectful
  • We request that participants in the conference refrain from using audio and/or video recording devices including smartphones, tablets, and other handheld smart devices. These are strictly prohibited in sessions, except by prior written agreement.

Press Inquiries

If you have a question about the SIIM24 Annual Meeting press policies, please email Priyanka Harilal.