InformaticsTECH Day General Session

Jun 28, 2024
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM ET
Woodrow Wilson A + Virtual Live Stream

Anupam B. Jena, MD, PhD

Joseph P Newhouse Professor, Harvard Medical School
Host, 'Freakonomics, M.D.' Podcast
Author of 'Random Acts of Medicine: The Hidden Forces That Sway Doctors, Impact Patients, and Shape Our Health'

Session Number: 3004

Random Acts of Medicine

Host of Freakonomics, M.D., Dr. Anupam B. Jena is uniquely positioned to ask powerful questions that help us think about the intersection of medicine, behavioral science, and economics."


Dr. Jena is an economist, physician, and professor at Harvard. As one of a small group of physician-economists in the world, and one of the most creative and prolific social scientists in medicine, Dr. Jena is uniquely positioned to explore where the worlds of medicine and economics collide, based on his experiences as a practicing physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and his unique training as an economist.

His creative use of natural experiments – chance occurrences that we are exposed to, but often unaware of, in our lives – help us understand how health care works, the subject of his 2020 TEDMED talk. He is the host of the popular Freakonomics, M.D. podcast, where he tackles questions at the intersection of medicine and economics, including questions from his own research on why mortality rates rise in cities on the days that they host large marathons, why cardiac patients do better when cardiologists are out of town at national cardiology conferences, and why kids with summer birthdays are more likely to be diagnosed with A.D.H.D. Dr. Jena’s book, Random Acts of Medicine: The Hidden Forces That Sway Doctors, Impact Patients, and Shape Our Health, will be published by Doubleday in summer 2023.

Dr. Jena’s work is frequently featured in the media, including The New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal.

2020 TEDMED Talk

YouTube video


  • Recognize what new intelligent medical imaging systems and workflow may look like.
  • Identify what imaging informaticists should start learning now to remain major participants in designing and operating these systems.
  • Explore the transformative possibilities of AI in advancing medical imaging beyond experimental phases.

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